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I have a million stories that bubble and collide in my brain. To get these out and on to paper is a compulsive need. An alcoholic craves the drink. A junky craves heroin. I crave the written word. ~Angi King~

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Blinded by the Light

Imagine that you are a man, exhausted from an intense day at work. Your belly is full. You're sleepy. You tuck your little youngster i...

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Construct your argument, make it thought provoking, try to change an opinion; but let's be kind about it.

I encourage comments and different points of view, however; don't be rude, name call, or be a complete ass about it. Act like an adult and construct your comments with care. You can disagree with commentaries and you can disagree with me, but don't resort to childish behavior otherwise I will delete your comment.